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IPX Asia Sdn Bhd is a national Business Platform Service Provider. Today, IPX provides IP Platform services to Service Providers in Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia.

IPX offers cutting edge technologies, reliable Cloud Platform Product Services, and superb support to our Partners at competitive prices. Our full range of solutions includes Cloud IP PBX deployment, Voice Blast and Billing System repair, and upgrade, various VoIP services, and a wide variety of Internet connectivity options including flexible broadband deployment and support consolidation for large nationwide business networks.

IPX has implemented structured NOC-to-NOC escalation procedures with each of these providers to ensure quick diagnosis and resolution of any network-related issues. Because we have integrated multiple providers, carriers, and technologies into our product, we are able to provide our customers with a tailored network solution and single point of contact. We handle everything from provisioning and billing, to technical support and customer care.

IPX eliminates the inconvenience and complexity of managing multiple carrier relationships, technologies, and geographies. We enable you to focus on your core business while we manage telecommunication network infrastructure to stringent performance metrics. Our customers benefit from having one seamless network, one provider, and one point of contact.

IPX provides the Cloud IP PBX, Voice Broadcasting, Billing system together with technical outsourcing to partners interested in providing these service to their clients.

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