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Your message to the world in minutes!

Hosted Voice Broadcasting




· Political


· Government


· Schools


· Non-Profit


· Auto Dealerships


· Insurance & Mortgage


· Merchant Service Providers


· Consumer notices & Informational Calls


· Financial Institutions


· Home Based Businesses


· Survey Campaign


· Reminder Calls :


                 #  debt collection reminders

                 #  community announcements

                 #  wake up and student calls

                 #  delivery notifications

                 #  event reminders

                 #  appointment reminders

                 #  pick-up reminders

                 #  fitness reminders

                 #  order status notifications

· Easy Campaign Creation

· Easy Campaign Management

· High Volume Automated Dialer

· Call Center Campaigns

· Caller-ID

· Campaign Speed & Predictive Dialing

· Excellent Sound Quality Comprehensive Campaign Statistics


To contact us:

Phone: 603-27720925

Fax: 603-27720906

E-mail: sales@ipx.com.my

Our feature rich, high capacity, easy to use Wholesale, Private Label, Voice Broadcasting Platform provides the ability for you to offer your clients yet another channel to get their messages out. This platform was designed from the ground up to be scalable, FCC compliant and completely cloud based. No need to purchase any software, hardware, or telephone lines. We have all your bases covered.

Start selling this service immediately to your customers. We manage the infrastructure you manage your customers. Use our system and you bill your customers.


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